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Art as a Keyword
Presentation of the doctoral art project

Doctoral thesis / art project “Digital graphics and their communication in the virtual and real world”


October 1 - October 13, 2013
Youth Cultural Center Belgrade

Graphic works of art that are part of the “Art as a Keyword” series utilize a language presented in terms of its key concepts, which is one of the characteristics of the concise communication on the Internet and in today's digital society. Aside from words, the graphics use carefully selected motives and textures from nature, overlapping sharp lines of words and natural textures on the computer and emphasizing the contrast between the digital and the natural.

The exhibition in the Youth Cultural Center Belgrade encompasses six large-format works of art and the results of the internet research on art, presented on monitors. The attending audience can participate in the research and influence the final appearance of the work of art that is being created, which consists of collected words.

The graphics of the series “Art as a Keyword” can be used in accordance with the Creative Commons License (Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works 3.0 Serbia), which allows unlimited distribution and noncommercial usage without modification, while each of the visitors who buys one of Vesna Opavsky's graphics will receive the same work of art in the electronic from on a CD.

Exhibition is opened till 13th October 2013.

Questionnaire: What is Art?

Interactive work of art – in the phase of creation

Art from the point of view of the audience is presented in the form of word clouds comprised of collected opinions of the audience. Members of the public are invited to state their opinion in the exhibition venue, as well as on the website 

Cooperation with the audience is aimed at connecting the experience of reading and searching the Internet with the experience of watching a work of art in a gallery. 

As a sign of gratitude to everyone who participated in creation of the content, the work of art in the electronic form will be sent to their email addresses. 

Short opening video:


Vesna's artworks come printed on various materials (paper, canvas, cardboard...) with original file placed on a memory stick...


Doctor of Arts, specialized in digital graphic art. She uses unique technique to present her impressions about nature...