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Windows to Nature
Master of Arts Exhibition of Digital Graphics

M. A. degree project
"Dichotomy and Synthesis of Digital and Natural"


November 5 – November 14, 2009 
Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts 

I perceive the graphics, representing a forest environment, as a shelter from urbanization. Using a modern, digital process to create them, I am trying to merge two separate worlds: the nature, which has existed long before the ascent of man, and the electronic space, created by mankind for their own purposes. Although at first a part of the natural environment, humanity later became its own obstacle on the path to nature.

I've tried to recreate the moments I have spent in the nature during the childhood. I placed those memories of nature into a digital frame, where they will be kept from for oblivion. The exhibition's message: Preserve nature – we need it!

I explore my artistic perception using computer to confront various associations that appear in my mind while I am examining memories of nature. After breaking up the picture into separate graphic elements, I see that they resemble natural entities and appear repeatedly in my graphics. I try to reproduce the shaping that results from natural processes (growing, rinsing, eroding, scraping, spilling, wearing out...). I also emulate random effects appearing during painting with tangible colors and manual printing of graphics (thickening, drying, flowing...). 

In digital graphics, such simulations confirm my tribute to the aesthetic value of traditional techniques, as well as the confidence in opportunities offered by new technologies – the ability of the artificial to create natural.

My first contact with this world, which did not happen at the time of my choosing, was from the very beginning more artificial than natural. My body, as soon as it was brought into the world, felt the touch of rubber gloves followed by the wrapping of the ID bracelet, still not realizing that it is only the first link in the chain that would bind me to that world. I cried, and I didn't know why.
As soon as I began to walk, I had my shoes on. At first I walked on parquet and linoleum, then concrete. I grew in such environment, this is where I played and made friends, this is where I grew up. At my first step in life, I felt concrete under my feet. "Concrete, that's life", I thought.


When the picture is completed, I add a simulation of a frame used by image viewing computer applications. The upper part of the frame always shows the name of the file*. The lower part of the frame presents the following information: number of pictures in the folder**, the size and dimensions of the file, date and time when the picture was created, percentage of zoom (on computer screens we can see my graphic at 16% of its original size, but on the wall it is shown at 100% size), and the time it took for the computer to load the picture.

This signature contains precise data about the characteristics of the digital graphic and can be considered a contemporary graphic signature formed by the digital age. Additionally, the frame contains a distinctive red "X" which allows us to close the picture and remove it from the screen as if it has never existed.

My final product is a picture that looks as if it is ready to be viewed on a computer.

Media sponsor: Media Center Belgrade

Friends of the exhibition: Garden Center (decoration of the display window) and Weird Cop (author of the sound installation)

Graphics: dimensions of 100 cm x 70 cm, digital technique, printed on Fabriano paper for intaglio printing. Each graphic was made in one copy. 


Vesna's artworks come printed on various materials (paper, canvas, cardboard...) with original file placed on a memory stick...


Doctor of Arts, specialized in digital graphic art. She uses unique technique to present her impressions about nature...