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Art Statement

Vesna Opavsky

I create a small natural oasis, getaways from the city concrete and everyday buzz, primary for my own needs, but also wishing to offer the same to the viewers. I try to induce the audience to stop by, think, get some rest. Evoking my own childhood’s memories of touching tree bark roughnes, grass tickeling my bare feet, studing the vaines of the leef – and everything in the oposite of today’s plastic keybord under my fingers, pavement and steel, and other dominating impressions of everyday’s surrounding of the contemporary office people. 

According to the fast living situation, I’ve chosen digital tehnique for my artworks, but I use it in a way to present and overstate textural surfaces and colors that could be found only in natural envoirement with trees and herbs. With rich visual elements I am trying to suggest sounds of nature and fresh air. 

Often, in my digital graphic I include partly readable words and sentances in a aim to provoke and keep the viewers interested. Within the texts I express emotions in a form of poems or a keywords, that audience can identify with. Using a unity of text and pictures I am traying to tell a story with each exhibition. Those are a personal stories, but close to and well known to the a lot of people.

My previous ten-year office job accumulated a lot of discontent deep inside of me. Job have taken the time I could spend in the piece and quite of nature, precious to urban, contemporary people. Because of unsattisfaction, my artworks have been made more and more rich in details and textures. As I was more alienated from nature envoirement, text in my work have been going from tottaly unreadeable handwriting, to big clear digital fonts, still trying to keep the visual harmony and quality of a composition.

Since I am not working at the office, I prefer to make art during my camping time in nature that is a big part of my life today. I collect leaves, flat objects from the trees and everything I can put in my scanner. I am taking photos, drawing and painting – and letting emotions to guide me. Mixing all of those, I am making the impressions of every camping location I’ve visited.

I print my art on various surfaces (paper, canvas, cardboard...), but unique prints are always followed by original files, placed on a memory stick.

I am materialising the voice of nature that is trying to attract attention to importance of taking good care of envoirement and to gain respect as the one that everithing had begone from.

Vesna Opavsky

Art Statement in Serbian language (pdf)
Art Statement in English (pdf)


Vesna's artworks come printed on various materials (paper, canvas, cardboard...) with original file placed on a memory stick...


Doctor of Arts, specialized in digital graphic art. She uses unique technique to present her impressions about nature...